Talk. Don’t type

We capture the most powerful instrument in the world…. your voice.

VoiceByte - the mic in your pocket

Everyday we connect with people. We live in a silent world that's full of text when we communicate. VoiceByte brings the colour of sound to your world. 

Media engagement

Join the on-air media discussion in real time

Social sharing

Add the power and emotion of your voice to social posts

Voice messaging

Message friends in a fun, fast and cool way


Access content that is relevant to your location

Join the media conversation

VoiceByte is your personal media microphone to become part of the on-air discussion. You can ask a celebrity a question on radio, give your opinion for a TV show or engage with an expert on a podcast.

With VoiceByte you don’t just watch or listen…. you join in.

Social microphone

VoiceByte is the perfect tool to share interesting content with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers.

Whether you capture the atmosphere at a concert, a live sporting event or a precious moment, your social audience will feel a more emotional connection with the moment that you have shared. You can even add a photo!

Private VoiceBytes

The VoiceBox is the place where you can enjoy one-on-one or group messages to keep the conversation with family and friends going in private.

Sending a private VoiceByte is effortless. Once both people are listening to each other, all you need to do is give your broadcast a title, say what’s on your mind in 15 seconds, select which person will receive your VoiceByte, then slide to broadcast. You can even attach a photo!


With VoiceTagging, you can record a VoiceByte and “tag” it to your current location so it can only be heard by users in that particular area.

There are so many uses for VoiceTagging, from leaving a VoiceTag on the street for clients to find your office, tourist attractions providing information for tourists to learn about what’s around them, safety messages at major events and so much more. 

Want to engage your audience?

With the VoiceByte app, the audience have their own personal media microphone to provide content for your show or event. To get access to the content just sign up for a dashboard account and start engaging your audience in a fun and innovative way.

Why you will love our dashboard

Access raw audio files

You can download the raw mp3 files to play on air and engage your audience 24/7

Audience sentiment

Find out how your audience feels via 5 different moods for any given segment

Location data

Access heat map data to see where your engaged audience is located across the globe

Push notifications

Send content creators push notifications to turn them into social media sales teams

Audience profiles

Coming soon

Access detailed audience profiles to learn exactly who your audience is for advertisers

Segment reports

Coming soon

Create individual segment reports to find out who you're engaging in each segment

Custom data points

Coming soon

Add custom data points to the app to discover key information from your audience on the run

Voice to text

Coming soon

We convert your audience voice content to text to speed up the search process

About us

Michael Fenech

Co-Founder and CEO

Stephen Fenech

Co-Founder and CTO

VoiceByte was the brainchild of Australian brothers Michael and Stephen Fenech whose goal was to create a way to easily add the missing element of social media – the emotion and authenticity that can only be delivered with your voice.

It was plainly obvious that some things that are shared on social media via text don’t do the moment justice. Ever since that day, the team at VoiceByte has been focused on delivering a platform that brings authenticity to social networking.

The idea for VoiceByte came about from a simple conversation in a shopping center. Michael and Stephen Fenech were both active on social media at the time and it dawned on them that sharing text wasn’t real enough.

So the very next day, Michael and Stephen took action and were determined to deliver their vision. Along the way they attracted incredible advisors and some awesome developers who help create the VoiceByte magic.

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